What our dancers say about Miles School of Dancing.

Paul and Kate

I have been dancing for about 8 years and my partner was a beginner, I thought I could dance well. When we went to the Miles School of Dancing it changed my whole view on how someone should dance.

Raymond Miles has the knowledge, the eye and the patience to work through all of your dance technique to make it smooth fluent and more enjoyable whilst looking utterly brilliant – a standard that most other schools cannot achieve. We thoroughly recommend Raymond Miles' school if you really want to dance.

Lynn and Del

What does a pole, a five pound note and a belt have to do with dancing you might ask! Well if you come to the Miles School of Dancing you'll find out.

Raymond Miles is a great teacher - passionate, practical adaptable and focused. He's not one for gimmicks but will use props to support his well practised teaching methods. If you want to be challenged and encouraged at the same time then this is the place to learn how to dance.

Jenni Rhodes

It doesn't matter what your reasons are for wanting to learn to dance, the Miles School of Dancing offers, in my view, the best teaching in the area, alongside a friendly atmosphere.

Richard Miles is a great teacher who is passionate about dancing and makes every lesson interesting and fun. He's always full of encouragement no matter who he's teaching, beginners or more advanced dancers and is happy to help and advise at any time. I've been dancing for 5 years and during that time, thanks to Richard, I've progressed further with dancing than I thought possible and dancing at both Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens has been an amazing experience.

Miles School of Dancing

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